Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services invites local students and families to welcome an international student to be part of their lives.

How? By inviting an international student to be part of one or more of your activities.

It could be having dinner at your house, going hiking, watching a footy match or just going out for a coffee. Such activities are great opportunities to show an overseas students the things you like the most about Australian culture, your family, and Bendigo. It will also help them to settle into the community.

At the same time, you and your family will get to learn about a new culture and gain insight into a different part of the world.

LCMS will make sure that the host family and the international students have similar interests. And don’t worry about having to do something special for your guest—the intention is to share your usual activities to provide the international student with a window into Aussie life.

Questions about the program and the criteria for those wishing to take part in this program can be accessed from Alonso Navarro: a.navarro@lcms.org.au or 5441 6644, or contact Juncai Lin at the BSSC Language Centre: lin.juncai@bssc.edu.au