Five Year 11 students from BSSC have successfully applied for the prestigious National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) to be held in Canberra and Brisbane next January. BSSC’s successful applicants are Corey Lionis, Philippa Bywaters, Haden Kneller, Lauren White and Cameron Lee.

NYSF brings together the cream of the scientific community with the most enthusiastic future Australian scientists in programs held at Canberra’s ANU and Brisbane’s UQ.

“Science and Maths are a big focus for me,” Cameron said. “I want to study electrical engineering after BSSC and I’m hoping NYSF will open doors haven’t even thought of yet.”

Philippa is also excited about immersing herself in the scientific community for 12 days.

“I’m looking forward to being around so many like-minded people and having the chance to meet experts in so many fields of science,” she said. “It’s great for rural students to have this opportunity—I can’t thank Rotary enough.”

Sponsored by the combined Rotary Clubs of Bendigo, the selection process takes around six months and involves applications and a number of interviews.

Rotary Youth Director Lynne Cooper explained the strong link between science and Rotary.

“Most of our projects depend on science—from research, to disaster aid, to medical interventions,” she said. “It’s a natural fit for us to be encouraging and supporting these gifted students to see themselves as future leaders.”

Six hundred students from around Australia attend NYSF each year, taking part in workshops, visiting laboratories, listening to lectures, participating in group activities and enjoying some great social activities.

Lauren White said she was inspired by the experiences of previous participants.

“Our teacher, Jane, showed us a video of last year’s group speaking about their time at NYSF. They all had such positive experiences, it just seems like a brilliant opportunity.”

Corey and Haden are also excited about what lies ahead.

“The application was a long process, and a bit nerve wracking, but really worth doing if you’re passionate about science,” Corey said.

“The Maths Science Specialist Program at BSSC introduced me to NYSF,” Haden added. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Congratulations to our students, and thank you Rotary for bringing this opportunity within their reach.