At today’s Year 11 Pathways assembly, students heard from BSSC Alumna, Shay Murphy, who is currently three years into a double degree in Law and Business at La Trobe University, Bendigo. Shay spoke about the experience of finishing secondary school, the challenges of working a gap year to support her uni studies, and lifestyle choices she’s made to get the most out of herself in both life and study.
“While this can be a challenging time, it’s also really exciting,” she said. “Don’t be scared about moving into Year 12. It’s a crazy year, but so much fun.”
Shay’s advice for students included choosing subjects you love, answering every question on an exam (even if you have no idea!), surrounding yourself with positive people, and remembering there are many avenues to get where you want to be.
Thank you, Shay, for sharing your experiences.