While many of us were kicking back enjoying the summer break, a number of BSSC students continued to fulfill a role some have done for years—as carer to a family member.

These often hidden ‘quiet achievers’ go home from school each day with a lot more responsibilities than getting their VCE homework completed.

Carers Australia acknowledges the enormous challenges student carers face and offers much-needed practical support. One is a transitional bursary for those moving from secondary to tertiary education.

Sophie Downing-Mooney completed her VCE at BSSC last year and applied for a Carers Australia scholarship to support her quest to become a nurse.

“I applied thinking I probably wouldn’t get it and then basically forgot about it,” Sophie says. “So it was such a surprise to get that letter in the mail. I am eternally grateful for this assistance.”

The bursary will help pay for Sophie’s TAFE studies in Division 2 Nursing and her travel costs to and from Melbourne over the next two years.

Sophie also acknowledges the valuable support she had from many people along the way, including her mum.

Charli Dean is also a new BSSC graduate who received a Carers Australia scholarship.

With only ten scholarships awarded for all of Victoria, the BSSC community congratulates these two amazing and deserving young women.