Recent BSSC graduate, Evan Dorrington, is a big rap for the Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) team and how they can connect students to employment and community.

When Evan spoke to MIPs in the last term of 2017, not only did they help him find part-time work as a lifeguard, but he also got the heads-up about the Rural Chances scholarships being offered by the Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation.

“It was a simple online process followed up by a 30-minute interview,” Evan says. “The aim of the scholarship is to assist apprentices to stay in rural areas and be able to afford the expenses of training, travelling, tools… those kinds of things.”

Evan recently commenced an apprenticeship with BLJ Builders in Bendigo and, thanks to the Rural Chances scholarship, has $5000 to help build his skills and get a start in the industry.

“I really love the work so far,” Evan says. “We do everything from renovations and repairs, to new homes, so the work is really varied and interesting.”

And his advice to current BSSC students?

“I recommend you go and speak to the MIPs team early on in the year to find out what’s available,” Evan says. “Don’t leave it to the last minute like I did. There are lots of part-time jobs and scholarship opportunities out there, and MIPs can help you find them.”