A brief update for students and families:

  • The college will be open from 8:30 am this morning for any student who needs to come in to collect learning materials from their locker or classroom. Please report to the library in the first instance.
  • The normal Block A double class at the start of the day will be shortened to a single period and will commence at 9.55 am. This will allow students who need to collect things from the college time to get back home.
  • All other classes from Monday to Wednesday will run at the normal times.
  • We are expecting a small number of students to attend on site for learning because no supervision arrangements can be made at home or there is some other valid reason. These students should report to the library where study places will be available.
  • Students attending on site will be doing the same work as those learning from home. Teachers will post learning material in Compass and there will be a Google Meet session for every class. Students should follow their normal timetable and go to the relevant class in Compass where they will find everything they need. Joining the Google Meet is as simple as clicking on the link provided.
  • Teachers will be marking rolls each class.
  • Monday’s Advisor meeting will occur at the usual time. Students will see information about this in their Compass ‘My News’ feed. There will be a link to a Google Meet in your advisor class on Compass.
  • SACs scheduled for this week will be delayed.
  • Students needing Wellbeing Support are reminded they can email the Wellbeing Team at wellbeingstaff@bssc.edu.au
  • There will be someone on the college switchboard 5443 1222 over the next three days for anyone needing further information.

We are all hopeful that this is just a three day interruption to normal schooling. It’s important that students continue the progress they’ve made so far this year by fully engaging in the work that’s set over the coming days, including attending all online Google Meet classes.


Dale Pearce