Year 11 Economics students had an exciting preview into the 18 months ahead when the Commonwealth Bank Partner a Class program kicked off for 2021.
The program provides business experiences and practical hands-on assignments that compliment classroom theory and challenge students to think beyond their own environment and circles of influence.
The students will be coached over an 18-month period by experienced CBA senior executives.
Senior Manager of Market Positioning and Engagement at Comm Bank, Andrew Roberts, said the program could give participants a real edge over other students studying VCE Economics, and highlighted what an incredible opportunity it was to build their strengths and step into the world of finance.
“We’re here to work with you and help you, but also to take you to the edge of your comfort zone,” he said.
The students will also have access to leaders in the world of finance and marketing. Tom Piotrowski will be speaking to students via video llink-up in the coming weeks.
The students leapt straight into the program with an Empire Building exercise run by Andrew.
Students worked in groups of four to build a “Tower of Power”—a structure built from chopsticks drinking straws, pasta, string, sticky tape, and foil—each with a specific market value.
Each group chose a CEO and a CFO and had 15 minutes to construct a building that was then judged on height/cost-effectiveness, and the group’s final pitch. It was the perfect metaphor for the importance of a strong foundation and students playing to their strengths.
“Over the next 18 months we’ll help you discover the things you’re really good at,” Andrew said. “It’s about learning the skills most relevant to your strengths and running with those.”
Partner a Class participants will have their next big learning opportunity early in Term 2 when they give a five-minute presentation on the History of Banking to CBA executives.

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