Dear Students and Parents/Carers

Last week schools were advised that students in VCE Unit 3/4 subjects in the Performing Arts were able to attend on site to complete essential assessments, including exam preparation, because these subjects have performance exams commencing in early Term 4.


Today the VCAA has advised schools that the list of subjects where students can attend on site for essential assessments has been expanded to include a range of VCE VET subjects. These are

  • VET Engineering
  • VET Integrated Technologies
  • VET Furnishing
  • VET Hospitality Kitchen Operations
  • VET Music Sound Production
  • VCE Music Style and Composition
  • VET Laboratory Skills

Where students come on site for these activities a range of health measures will apply including wearing of masks, use of QR codes and additional cleaning requirements. One change made today is that in regional schools these students coming on site do not need to have COVID test before doing so. A test is strongly recommended but not required. This applies to Performing Arts subjects as well as those listed above.

Teachers will inform students of arrangements for these classes.

A further challenge at the moment is the submission of folios for students undertaking Arts subjects. Students are able to drop these in to the college but we need to ensure they can do so in a safe manner. Specific arrangements are being made for each subject and the college will advise students in each class soon about how and when folios can be dropped off.

Finally, I made reference in my weekend Compass post to the webinar being held by the Department of Health on the current ‘vaccination blitz’ for Year 12 students and Year 11’s doing a VCE Unit 3/4 subject. You can join the free webinar on Friday 9 September, 6-7pm. Registration is via this link. Topics covered include:

  • Vaccines, development and safety
  • Accessing and consenting to a vaccination
  • How to book an appointment
  • Q+A with the panel.

Yours faithfully

Dale Pearce