You are invited to journey to Wonderland with NET school’s budding artists and performers displaying their talent in a free exhibition at the Goldfields Library from Wednesday 31 August.

“We expect to include music performances, show between 20-30 pieces of artwork and display group projects such as cooking and decorations,” said organiser and NETschool students Teagan Carboon.

The theme is ‘On Our Way to Wonderland’ and learners will show their own wonderland in any type of media.

“The individual art pieces include photography, painting, drawing and folk art pieces,” Ms Carboon said. “We’re currently doing group projects including sculptures, paper roses and many more exciting pieces to display on the night,” said Ms Carboon.

“The initial opening is Wednesday 31 August in the Goldfields Library from 6:30 -9:00 pm, but all artworks will stay in the library throughout September. We would love feedback from the public so we hope viewers will write their experience and comments in our visitors’ book.”

The Art Exhibition is aimed at getting NETschool learners to show their creativity and interpretations of their own wonderlands to the community.

“We want to show the public that Art is a form used to show emotion and back stories,” said NETschool teacher Jannah Staley. “Our learners put a lot of effort and thought into their Art and it’s amazing to see the excitement generated by the exhibition. We will also have learners performing music throughout the night.

“All the learners work hard to produce something that they love, and we want to share that with the community.”