As part of National Science Week 2020 we asked Year 12 student, Julia Braszell, about her aspirations in science…

What Science subjects are you studying?

Biology and PE.

What do you like most about studying science?

Understanding how things work in a micro scale and learning what happens underneath the skin in a human body. It’s so interesting to know what goes on in our bodies… all the time that we’re unaware and can’t see with the naked eye.

When was your interest in science first sparked?

I’ve been dancing since I was four years old and have always been curious about the mechanics of the human body and how I can produce artistry through movement. My interest in science was sparked when I had to see physiotherapists and chiropractors for dance related injuries. I was so inspired by them and how they could work out what was wrong through observation and movement that I wanted to know how to do this in the future.

Do you hope to study science beyond Year 12?

Yes, I’m hoping to study physiotherapy at university where I can learn more about human anatomy, how muscles work to produce everyday movement, and the alignment of the skeletal system.

If you could one day have a career in a branch of science, what would it be?

I’m so inspired to use these skills to help people who are suffering from pain to improve their quality of life and get them back to doing the things they love.

Tell us a favourite scientific fact.

There is a bright green sea slug called Elysia Chloritica that is able to survive on solar power. It acquires chloroplasts from the algae it eats for photosynthesis. If this sea slug eats algae when it’s young for two weeks, it can survive the rest of its life without eating!