Nathan Sims AKA ‘Mr Dimples’ is one of 11 artists to have their work displayed in the Pennyweight Walk Open-Air Gallery. The artworks will be on display for the next two years.

The following is from Mr Dimple’s website:

“Mr Dimples was born one terrifying night when a prowler tried to break into his home. To get his mind off the event, he created art to release his frustrations. Influenced by the art of Tim Burton, Mr Dimples then started to create monsters based on people and events that annoyed him.

“His well-known characters are predominately seen on the streets of Bendigo, usually with the Paste up technique. His street art techniques were learnt through his association with Blender Studios in Melbourne, where he was introduced to paste ups, stenciling and free hand spraying.

“Mr Dimples is a local street artist working from his home studio. He also is an Arts/Woodwork teacher at a school in the Loddon Shire.

“Some of his work includes murals at Boris Murgers, Killiecrankie wines, Miller Street Bridge underpass and Chancery Lane.”