Art Fashion students attended the Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition explores the years between 1955 and 1975, when Mary Quant revolutionised the high street, harnessing the youthful spirit of the sixties and mass production techniques to create a new look for women.

Year 11 student, Ella Filsell, enjoyed the show so much she went back the next day with her grandparents.

“Nan lived in London during the 60’s,” Ella said. “She told me what it was like growing up in the revolution of the 60’s, purchasing the patterns and making her own garments. It was a wonderful experience to hear them reminiscing, opening up my eyes to different styles of fashion.”

Art Fashion student, Tom Belleggia, said he enjoyed seeing how Mary Quant’s style developed over time.

“She started off with very traditional garments and progressed to create a more unique style and brand,” he observed. “As she moved away from traditional materials to brighter colour fabrics, she challenged the social norms. I found this inspiring.”

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