Students studying Unit 3-4 Studio Arts had the perfect start to their year yesterday, attending an Art Inspiration morning at La Trobe Art Institute and the Bendigo Art Gallery.

The day began with presentations from three students who completed VCE Studio Arts in 2021 including BSSC Alumna, Annie Claxton, who scored an impressive 43 for Studio Arts Photography. She was joined by Mitch Boyer and Sydney Beattie, both alumni of Sacred Heart College Kyneton.

While the three artists described very different art practices and processes, there were some strong messages they all agreed on when it comes to success in a folio subject.

Mitch and Sydney both urged students to immerse themselves in art, visit as many exhibitions as possible and discuss ideas widely with teachers and other artists.

“Push your work and experiment with ideas and techniques,” Sydney said. “Sometimes you’ll fail, but it’s all part of the folio process. Most of all, have fun! Do what you know and love.”

Annie stressed the importance of staying organised.

“When it comes to your folio, prioritise content over presentation,” she said. “Have a work plan with achievable tasks so that you feel like you’re achieving something each week.

“And try everything… that’s where the best art comes from.”

Students also heard a presentation from Kylie Banyard about the La Trobe Art Institute biannual façade commission and then had a chance to be inspired by current exhibitions at the Bendigo Art Gallery.

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