Dear Year 12 students,

Thank you very much for your patience as we finalise the finer details of the Last Day of Year 12 classes and Graduation, in this ever changing environment. Department of Health regulations still do not allow us to gather students, so we will be unable to host events where we have all Year 12s in Ulumbarra Theatre, but please know that as a college, we are doing everything we can to ensure that these final days of your secondary schooling are as enjoyable and memorable as our current restrictions allow.

Please note that all of the following is subject to restrictions at the time of each event.

Last Day of Year 12 classes – Tuesday 19th October
To commemorate your final day of classes, we will run an altered day (below).

We would love to see all Year 12s in fancy dress for the day, but please remember your masks. You will start your day in your Advisor room, where we will showcase all of the events that would have ordinarily occurred in the theatre; the Year 12 DVD and the highly anticipated “Highlights of Years” clip.

Each class will run for a shortened lesson and we will then finish the day with a lunch, music and activities in the area between the Theatre and D/E blocks. We encourage all students to come along to celebrate in a relaxed (and socially distanced) party atmosphere. The school day will conclude at 2.30pm.

Graduation – Wednesday 20th October
We will be filming a ‘virtual’ Graduation ceremony on this day and it will then be streamed to our college community at 7pm that evening.

To ensure the safety of our students and staff, students will be allocated a time between 12.00pm-2.15pm to arrive at Ulumbarra Theatre (please see your BSSC email in the coming days for your individualised allocated time).

All students must enter via the Ulumbarra steps and it is vital for the smooth running of the event that you arrive at your designated time; students cannot be admitted early. It is anticipated that each student will be in the theatre for a maximum of 45 minutes. This will ensure that the numbers within the theatre at any given time are strictly limited.

Adhering to all social distancing requirements, students will then be filmed as they are presented as a 2021 graduand, walk across the stage, receive their graduation certificate, class photo and Alumni pin, before having an opportunity to have a photo taken in the Ulumbarra foyer. The dress code for the event is semi formal. You will be required to wear a mask to and within the theatre, but broadcasting regulations will allow you to remove your mask as you move across the stage. Unfortunately, restrictions will prevent parents/carers from entering the theatre.

The final version of the Graduation Ceremony will be streamed via the BSSC website ( at 7pm on Wednesday 20th October. We hope that families will be able to enjoy watching the final product together as they enjoy a celebratory meal in their homes. There will be an interactive component to the ceremony, with audience members able to send in messages of congratulations and a request to households to send in photos of themselves watching the ceremony, which will be displayed at the conclusion of the event. Please share this link with all loved ones so they, too, can watch you graduate and become involved in the ceremony.

If you wish for your Prep/Year 12 photos to be included in the ceremony, please ensure you send a copy of your Prep photo to or bring a hard copy to the Student Services Centre by Friday 8th October.

We are very pleased to have all students back to face-to-face learning this term. These next weeks will be vital in terms of completing all requirements for your VCE or VCAL certificate and to best prepare for exams and/or employment opportunities. It is important that you remain focused on completing your academic year as successfully as you possibly can. This includes attending all classes, completing all assessments to the best of your ability and seeking support when required.

Please ensure you sign your name of the Class of 2021 banner before you finish the year (look to Compass for opportunities on where you can do this). This banner will be displayed in our Library for all of next year and then, along with the recording of the Graduation Ceremony, be archived as a momento. The Class of 2021 will be of
high interest for many years to come!


Dale Pearce -Principal

Kylie Hand – Assistant Principal