Fresh Fruit Friday is an initiative of the McKern Foundation, in partnership with JL King & Co, Porter Davis, Adroit, Orrcon and OFRM Lawyers. Their aim is to see schools in Bendigo equipped with a selection of fresh fruit on a weekly basis, contributing to the health and wellbeing of young people and the community.

Every Monday morning, students in Karen Green’s Head Start Group, sort the fruit that’s delivered as part of their project-based work. These students spend three days a week completing their school-based apprenticeships (SBAT) out in the workplace, and spent the other two days at BSSC working on Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Development.

The Head Start apprenticeship/traineeship model, along with Fresh Fruit Friday, are building strong connections between BSSC and the wider community. As a great example of this, one of the Head Start students in the group is completing his SBAT with McKern Steel.