In 2019, BSSC Year 11 student Solomon Cameron became the youngest person to fly solo around Australia.

The expedition took him across 15,000 kilometres, to the four furthest corners of the continent. While being on his own for seven weeks, away from friends and family was a challenge, it helped Solomon gain confidence in meeting new people and also honed his problem solving skills… like how to restart a failing aircraft engine in a remote corner of Western Australia. As well as the personal growth, Solomon’s achievement also helped raise valuable funds for Angel Flight, a charity helping people in remote areas access specialist medical treatment.

We caught up with Solomon during lockdown to ask him about his love of aviation and his plans for the future…

Tell me about your introduction to flight… how was your interest in aviation first kindled?

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved aviation. I grew up playing flight simulator and always knew I would get my pilot’s license. When I was 11 I would ride out to the airport on weekends and watch the planes for hours.

What is it about flying that pushes your buttons?

There is a lot to love about flying. One awesome aspect is the views and the ability to travel to lots of cool places in efficient time. The challenge of flying is also a big part of what I love about aviation.

Is there one single memory from your round-Australia flight that illustrates this feeling?

It is hard to highlight a particular point in the trip, but if I had to it would be flying over far north Queensland. It highlighted the versatility of aviation. I flew over a town called Weipa and 20 minutes later I arrived at Aurukun. I stayed with some people who had travelled to Weipa by car to buy supplies and it took three hours each way.

How has aviation informed your VCE studies? What are your plans beyond BSSC?   

My passion for aviation definitely had an influence on my subject selections. I decided to study Physics as it plays a big role in flying. I’m not 100 per cent sure what I want to do after school, but I do know that I want to be involved in the aviation industry.

How has COVID-19 and remote learning impacted on your studies?   

It’s been hard to adjust to the new circumstances and it’s definitely made learning more difficult, but I’m slowly getting there and becoming more productive.

Is flying still a part of your routine? 

The time of year affects how I often I go flying. I used to go quite regularly, but under the current circumstances I haven’t been able to go for a little while now.