Year 12 Drama students had their moment in the spotlight last night when they performed three ensemble pieces to a very appreciative audience of parents, students and staff at the Strategem Theatre.
Students wrote and created the three very different pieces all based on the theme ‘It takes a village’.
Themes explored included family violence and the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol, what it means to live in a community, bullying and bigotry, and the myriad ways humans deal with grief and loss.
There was murder and mayhem, surreal and minimalistic stage craft, and a good dose of humour as well.
Congratulations to all the performers and to Drama teacher, Sam Hoffman, for the huge amount of work and commitment that went into staging the production.
‘In Pablo We Trust’: Zac Sansom, Niamh Inkster, Sadies Collier and Gemma Coates.
‘Geez Louise’: Abbey Breewel, Chloe Cason, Hayley Cummings, Mary Bignoux and Jakoby Appleby.
‘The Village Grieve’: Shanae Harris, Pearl Salmon-Watson, Jakob Walsh, Emily Zumstein and Nathaniel Walker.