BSSC Alumnus, Darcy McGauley, is settling into a new role with Victoria Police.

Darcy is the policing division’s new Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer.

His role involves working with Aboriginal people after they have had an interaction with police – from victims and witnesses through to alleged offenders.

“I follow up and refer them to where they need to be,” Darcy said.

Police also consider Darcy’s role vital to culturally safe and proactive policing.

The former BSSC VCAL student is working with Aboriginal communities from Boort to Bendigo, and Echuca to Gisborne, to identify any concerns and how police can assist.

Meanwhile, the division’s police are also learning from Darcy.

“The reason we have this role is to build meaningful relationships with the local Aboriginal community,” Acting Inspector Craig Gaffee said.

“It allows police to get a greater understanding of community concerns.”

The ACLO works with people of all ages and stages in life, from young people through to elders in the community.

Darcy said having worked as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner at BDAC for two years was helpful.

He was already known to members of the Aboriginal community and familiar with some of the issues of interest.

“It’s all very similar,” he said of his new working environment.

He believed Aboriginal central Victorians were already getting respect from police. What they are seeking is to develop greater understanding.

Darcy has been part of the team for four weeks.