BSSCs dance students gathered in the Ullumbarra dance studio this morning for a workshop with two Teaching Artists from the prestigious Sydney Dance Company.

As the rain fell outside, Viola Iida and Zachary Lopez guided the students through sequences that had them filling the whole studio space and getting creative with moves such as the hilarious ‘chicken’ which evoked much laughter.

This is the second time the Sydney Dance Company has visited BSSC. The company sends teaching artists across the country to visit a large number of schools over a two-year period. Viola and Zachary have been with the company for over four years and took on the Teaching Artist 12-month course which has given them a role they are both perfectly suited to.

Many of the students hope to have a career in dance—and not necessarily as dancers.
“Some of the students are planning careers in Osteopathy, Myotherapy or Physiotherapy with a view to working primarily to keep dancers dancing,” said VCE Dance teacher, Kirsten Thomas.

BSSC’s VCE Dance class is packed with enthusiasm, and this year has 25 students, eight of whom travel from around to region to study here.