The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides financial assistance in the form of a Conveyace Allowance to assist eligible families with the cost of transporting their children to attend their closest appropriate school.

A Conveyance Allowance may be available for travel on public transport or for private car travel in the absence of public transport/free country bus.

Use the criteria below to assess your eligibility.

  • Students must reside more than 4.8 kilometres by the shortest practical route from the college. This can be verified using Google Maps or Bing Maps.
  • Students must attend the nearest appropriate school at which admission is possible.
  • Students must use the most economical mode of transport between home and the college. Where public transport is available, private conveyance cannot be claimed.
  • Full advantage of fare concessions must be taken and students should obtain a student concession card and student travel pass for use on public transport. Please note that the cost of obtaining a student concession card is not refundable under the Conveyance Allowance.
  • Eligible students using public transport will only be able to claim a Conveyance Allowance for the most economical ticket available. In most instances, the approved and most economical yearly public transport pass for BSSC is the Regional Transit Student Pass and not the Victorian Student Pass. Please check with the BSSC Finance Office before purchase if you are unsure.
  • If claiming the Conveyance Allowance for public transport, proof of purchase of a yearly pass must be sighted by the BSSC Finance Office on application.
  • The allowance is refunded in two instalments in June and December.

If you believe that your student is eligible for the Conveyance Allowance, please collect the appropriate form from the Finance Office and return no later than Monday 29 February 2016.