Year 11 Economics and VET Business students had an opportunity to learn from a finance specialist this morning when Senior Manager of Media and Content for CommSec, Juliana Roadley, visited the college.

Juliana is one of CommSec’s most experienced analysts and media presenters and can often be seen delivering live market crosses to Sky News Australia, ABC, BBC and leading radio networks.

She spoke to students as part of the Partner a Class program that provides business experiences and practical hands-on learning that challenges students to think beyond their own environment and circles of influence.

Juliana’s presentation began with a two-minute summary of the world in finance, before looking more closely at the economic situation in the US, China, and closer to home including stocks and shares, the Federal budget, wages and the building and construction industry.

She also spoke more personally about her earlier careers as a chef and then a geologist, encouraging students to keep an open mind about their futures.

“You’ll have many careers in your lifetime,” she said. Whatever pathway you’re on now, you can always change. Don’t ever think doors are closed to you.”

Teacher, Steve Boyle, said it was important students understand the economic world in which they live.

“The more education young people can gather, the more knowledgeable they will be around world and personal decision-making,” he said. “We’re really grateful to Juliana for her words and insights.”