BSSC’s College Council held their regular monthly meeting on November 17. Included for your information is a summary report.

College Council

  • A report was presented on planning for 2016 covering enrolments, staffing and other organisational matters.
  • Planning has commenced for the five-year stage of the Council of International Schools accreditation cycle.
  • Construction of the new Student Services centre is expected to commence before Christmas and be finished by mid next year.
  • A specialist Performing Arts program will be commenced in 2016.
  • Council received a presentation on the ConnectED app which was developed by Anton van Maanen, the head of our NETschool program, and which won a prize at the recent Inventor’s Award.
  • A new college website has been launched.
  • Approval was given for an Arts Specialisation program trip to Sydney in April 2016 for 15 students.
  • The 2016 budget was approved by council.
  • Council received an update on implementation of the Bendigo ‘Technical School’ project.
  • Council analysed their annual self-reflection data and report.