In six hours on November 18 1995, five people were killed on Bendigo roads.  All were in single vehicle accidents and the oldest was 21.5 years.  Carmen Maher was one of them – she had just dropped off her friend to work at McDonalds, and she fell asleep at the wheel.

The trauma of such a tragedy for family, friends and and all those who have to attend the accident is poignantly discussed by Carmen’s father, John Maher,  in BSSC’s annual road safety presentations on Monday 9 and 16 May.

John Maher’s presentation is part of a two-year cycle of road safety education provided to enable BSSC students to be more proactive about keeping safe on our roads. John talks of the trauma of loss where the road accident victim dies, while in the alternating year, the trauma and effects of injury experienced by survivors of accidents is canvassed.

This program is compulsory for all students, but if you have concerns about attending please contact Kylie Hand on

For his work in giving road safety presentations John was the recipient of the 2014 Regional Safety Award and on Friday 4 December 2015 he was named Australian of the Day.  More information can be found on Carmen’s road safety Facebook page:

  • Who:                    King & Mackay houses – Monday 16 May
  • What:                 Road Safety Program
  • Where:                Ulumbarra Theatre
  • When:                  Advisor time.