BSSC Chemistry students have outdone themselves at the recent state and national titration competitions.

Both competitions involved the Year 11 and Year 12 students taking on a chemical challenge to deduce the correct concentration of a solution.

In the state event, students worked individually and in groups. Felix, Eve and Alyssa’s group performed exceptionally well, coming ninth with three perfect answers out of a possible six.

However, the other BSSC groups also proved themselves more than adequate—all were placed within the top 25.

As well as the group work, the competition involved an individual challenge. All BSSC students were within the forty top performing competitors and were therefore invited to compete in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s National Titration Competition. Once again the students rose to the challenge.

Caitlyn Jackson managed to calculate the concentration to within an incredible 1% of the correct answer. Today she was able to hold up her gold medal of achievement which will be formally presented to her at Awards Night.

Close behind were the eight other students—all awarded silver medals.