Are your study habits getting you great results?

Do you let social media interrupt study sessions?
Do you sit at your desk for hours at a time?
Do you think underlining or highlighting equals remembering?
Do you simply reread your notes?

These are not considered the best techniques.

Edutopia offers proven techniques that get stuff off the page and embedded in your brain.

Try this:

Test your knowledge of a topic BEFORE you study it to find out what you need to concentrate on.
Study one topic intensely—without any distractions—for a short time.
Have a break and then go to a new subject. In other words keep it interesting.
Test yourself regularly—use flash cards or get someone to ask you questions.
Try telling someone in simple language what you are trying to learn.

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And consider the advice from last year’s dux, Isaac Alderton:

“I realised by the middle of the year that it was about quality over quantity,” Isaac Alderton says.

“I started setting myself tasks—not hours—to study. These gave me manageable and rewarding goals and I felt really happy about taking a break when I’d met those goals.”

Isaac also took more care about what he ate and made a commitment to go to bed between 9 and 10 o’clock each night.

One month before exams he deleted Snapchat and Instagram and stuck to a strict discipline to only be on his phone for an hour each day—and the phone was always put well away when he was studying.

“I also stopped using my phone later in the evening and would read a book or do something else right before going to bed,” Isaac says.

“By the time exams came around I had all these healthy habits and curiously I had stopped procrastinating and was finding a great deal of satisfaction in everything I was doing.”