Staff at BSSC had a lovely surprise at morning tea today—a cookie to say ‘thank you’ from colleague, Karen Green. Karen endured a rugged year health-wise in 2018 and then, at the very start of the 2019 school year, fell at work and has spent most of first term recovering.

“I can never repay the kindness I have received,” Karen says, “but will always look for any opportunities to pay back, or pay forward the amazing generosity of spirit I have been the recipient of from my wonderful colleagues.”

Karen heard that the Bendigo Community Health Services were running a project aimed at allowing appreciative people to give a little gift to their colleagues to say ‘thanks’ and concurrently put out a positive message about maintaining good mental health.

Consequently, Siobhan Sullivan from BCHS arrived at BSSC on Tuesday morning with 2 very large bags of biscuits.

“We are presently promoting ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’,” she said. “Each of the cookies has one of these ways imprinted in it—Giving, Taking Notice, Connecting, Being Active and Learning—all important things we can do to promote our mental wellbeing.

“I’ve actually got 75 deliveries across Bendigo today.”

That adds up to many grateful people and a lot of very kind people.