BSSC maths students gathered at lunchtime on Monday to celebrate their success in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Congratulations to Rory Day who not only received the top score amongst his BSSC peers, but was placed in the top 1% of all Australian students. An amazing effort!

This year, 15 BSSC students received Distinctions (top 25% in Australia) and two received High Distinctions, placing them in the top 5% of Australian students.

High Distinctions: Rory Day and Sitong Chen.

Distinctions: Sixiao Chen, Zelin Ye, Matthew Grundy, Keegan Couchman, Rebecca Dower, Hua Longyu, Caitlin Rowlatt, Renjie Qi, Jackson Godfrey, Adelaide Annand, Maggie Hall,     Xinyu Chen, Thomas Davies, Hamish Dore, Adam Fleming.