College Alumna, Tahlia McCuskey—now studying with the Victorian College of the Arts—returned to BSSC this morning to share the story of her pathway since VCE.

Tahlia offered some solid advice to Year 11 and 12 Visual Art students and gave them a realistic idea of what it’s like to study at VCA and what VCA is looking for when selecting their Visual Art students; passion, and commitment to their art.

“I’m majoring in painting, and my present style would probably be called impressionist,” Tahlia said. “I like working from photographs of people, creating tension and building up layers between the viewer and the artwork.

“At VCA I have my own studio space where I spend around six hours a day–mostly working in oils.”

Tahlia believes having time to focus on ‘making’ art gives VCA students the opportunity to really explore widely and find their artistic voice.

“There is only one day where I have lectures, the rest of my time is focussed on creating.”

Living in Melbourne has also been great, allowing Tahlia to access the many galleries and exhibitions, and get involved in the Melbourne art scene.

Reflecting on her time at BSSC, the highlight for Tahlia was being able to study exactly what she wanted.

“I did English, but other than that, only art or music subjects,” she said. “I was also very fortunate to receive a bursary from the Mason Trust which has been really helpful.

“I still use processes I learnt at BSSC in my artwork.”