When you were a student, what did you want to do beyond Year 12?   

I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but ended up studying and am now completing a PhD. I’m also heavily involved in the trade union movement as the Victorian President of the National Tertiary Education Union.

What do you love about the type of work/study you do now?

I love doing the PhD because it allows me to record people’s about experiences and explore what they tell us about the world we live in. The trade union role is the greatest privilege of my life. I get to represent members and try and advance their interests by standing up against insecure work and the corporatisation of universities.

What’s one of your most vivid memories of your time at the college?

I loved the subjects I did and the wonderful teaching staff.

Was there a particular teacher or staff member that inspired you?  

Definitely Kirsten Thomas. She inspired me to be the best person I could be, and believed in me. Not to mention supporting me through the occasionally teary moment.

Were you involved with any extra-curricular activities or groups?

I was part of the Youth Parliament team in 2010.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Try your best at school, but remember that it doesn’t define you. Enjoy yourself.