Dear Students and Parents/Carers

Late yesterday schools received advice from the Department of Education and Training (DET) regarding the wearing of masks in schools and we have been asked to distribute the attached letter to our college community.

It is the DET’s expectation that through until the end of winter students and staff will wear masks when indoors, except where removing the mask is necessary for clear communication or when a particular activity requires the removal of a mask. This will be BSSC’s expectation effective from Wednesday July 20.

Masks are not required to be worn outdoors but can be worn when physical distancing is not possible.

While this request stops short of previous mandates for wearing masks and schools will not apply sanctions in cases where masks are not worn, our staff will be encouraging students to wear masks and I seek your support in following this recommendation in the interests of your own health and that of others. We are all aware that COVID case numbers are increasing sharply and wearing a mask is one measure we can all take to reduce the spread of the virus.

The college has a large supply of surgical masks. Students can call in to the Student Services Centre and ask for masks and teachers will have a supply for anyone who needs them in class. On Monday the college will also make a further distribution of rapid antigen tests to students.

I ask for your support for this collective effort over the next 4-6 weeks.

Please find attached the letter from DET.

Yours faithfully

Dale Pearce