ABI Road Tour comes to BSSC

VCAL students in Caroline Pysing’s Senior PD/WRS class gained valuable insights into Acquired Brain Injury when the ABI Road Tour rolled into BSSC this week. The crew from the ABI Road Tour are no strangers to the college, visiting regularly to raise awareness and share their valuable message that an ABI can happen to anyone.

Ross Simmons gave students some background into ABI before introducing Bervin Russ and Shane Richardson who shared their personal stories of living with an ABI.

After his single-car accident, Bervin spent nine months in a coma and seven months in rehabilitation. He spoke about the importance of perseverance and the small steps towards recovery. Bervin has progressed over time from being in a wheelchair – unable to speak – to now living independently and driving a car.

Shane inspired the students with his message of self-responsibility, the importance of life-long learning, and respecting others.

“I take responsibility for everything I do now,” Shane said. “Every day I wake up is a bonus… because I’m alive.”

A big thank you to Ross, Bervin and Shane for another inspiring session at BSSC.