The Student Excellence Program at Bendigo Senior Secondary College aims to support and extend high-ability students to reach their full potential and enjoy their experience of learning. Students receive updates about events and activities designed to extend and motivate them. These activities focus on connecting like-minded students and making sure that students are extended and supported in their learning.

Students who wish to join the program can contact Lucy Mow at

ARC Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series provides funded extension activities for high-ability students in Victorian government schools from Prep to Year 12. Within the series, education expert partners are delivering an array of incursions, excursions, webinars and online programs across all areas of the curriculum that are free of charge. Students at BSSC can register for these programs by visiting the ARC Portal at

Writing Competitions

The College often has information about writing competitions, set up by different organisations. Students who would like to extend their writing skills and participate in these competitions can contact Peter Dearricott at to be put on a mailing list.

Psychology ‘A-HA’ program

For Psychology students seeking depth and extension in their learning, the Psychology team offer Weekly sessions (face-to-face or virtual) that take a deeper look into recently covered content, including past exam questions. Students can speak to their Psychology teacher for more information about this program.

BSSC Visual Arts Acquisitions Exhibition

The BSSC Visual Arts Acquisitions Exhibition offers students the opportunity to celebrate and share their individual style, creativity and resolution of concepts, materials and techniques. Students in Unit 3-4 Art and Studio Art (including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and ceramics), a well as students in Visual Communication Design, are encouraged to display one of their final creations for the exhibition. Students can elect to have their work up for acquisition while others may get an honourable mention. Speak to your Visual Arts teacher for more information.

Advanced English

BSSC offers Advanced English for students undertaking Units 3 and 4 English who are adept at reading and analysing texts, writing creatively and who have an interest in how language is used in texts that present a point of view on issues in the media. Texts for this subject are selected to challenge students to examine social/historical contexts in depth and engage in close deconstruction and analysis. Students can speak to their English teacher for more information about this program.